We are the first and most demanding users of free CRM – everything we have done has been checked by our team members. We have been developing software for many years and decided to make a very simple, free CRM for users from all over the world.


Vladimir Rakhimov
Team Lead

He actually does everything, and the rest just “add polish” 🙂

Vitaly Simanov
UX Designer

Actually, he drew the design for the offlineCRM

Max Kulgin

CEO, thinking about customers and the future of the company …

Max Kulgin

Checks our CRM for software bugs

Denis Kretov

CTO, makes sure everything is great in CRM development 🙂 fewer bugs, more sense

Alex Markovich
Project Manager

Does something, but imperceptibly – no one knows what, so just in case they don’t ask questions!

Our completed projects that we post on Instagram

Video about our team