Unlike cloud CRMs, which store information on developers’ servers, we have deliberately made a solution that never transfers your information to a third party (except for a situation when you have configured the synchronization of your data with external sources).

This does not mean that cloud CRMs are insecure – but sometimes you may prefer having all your important data “at hand”. However, this approach also has some drawbacks – for instance, you will have to ensure data safety yourself, because it is stored offline on your PC. But we considered this problem as well, and developed a set of solutions.  Have a look– all your information (Tasks, Contacts, Companies, etc.) is stored in local database files, the number of which is unlimited. All you have to do is to indicate the base you want to work with at startup! No one will ever get access to your data if you control their location yourself. The base can be copied to the cloud to enable you, and only you, to work with your data from anywhere.