Our free and offline CRM has three main sections: COMPANIES, CONTACTS and TASKS. Do you need to add a card of a company you are working with? It’s easy – just open the COMPANIES section, and make a new note, linking it with the necessary contacts. You can add the data you need for each company, and link them with your tasks, which is rather convenient (you may find the screen of our colleague below; we see that the company called “Meloman” is connected with some important task).

How to add a new company? Go to the dataset you need (a dataset is a group of Tasks, Contacts and Companies), select the Companies section in the top level menu and click the creation icon. You may link the company with the necessary contacts at once. For instance, you have a task to make a call to a person working in the ACME company – all this information can be added when the company is created or edited.

Список компаний бесплатная crm