You will not steal my data?

No. There are no viruses, trojans, bookmarks, etc. in our free CRM. We do not collect or share your information with the Internet: contacts, business, company – everything is stored locally only. All the CRM does is check regularly (at every launch) for updates (the updates themselves are at, the server is located in […]

Why does my antivirus “swear” at your CRM?

Some antiviruses are very “disliked” when users download files with the extension .exe (executable file) from the Internet and try to prevent viruses from getting on your PC. We guarantee that if you download CRM distributions from our official website (for Russia or from the English version of, there will be no computer […]

My data will not be lost?

Unlike cloud CRM, we store all your data locally in a database file (has a .db extension). What do you mean locally? The file is stored on your PC or laptop and contains all your Companies, Contacts and Tasks. You can copy the database file to another drive, send it by mail, etc. We believe […]

How to work with data from different PCs?

If you need to work with your data from different devices (for example, your work PC and home laptop), the easiest thing to do is to copy the database file (the file where all your Companies, Contacts and Tasks are stored) to the cloud (for example, Dropbox) and connect to it from CRM. In the […]

Why is your CRM free?

Our CRM is completely self-contained and requires no servers, administration, etc., you download and install it yourself on your PC (or laptop). We thought it would be better if there were a lot of users and some of them would like to get additional functionality for money (not too many, let’s note). In other words, […]

What is free CRM?

We have made a fully autonomous (offline) and free CRM, which you can install on your laptop (PC) running Microsoft Windows & Apple MacOS operating systems and work without Internet access. CRM is suitable for self-employed people, freelancers, and micro-businesses where there is no obvious need for teamwork. In other words, it is a product […]