Installing free CRM on MS Windows

We strongly recommend using the 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows. You can read the difference between the 32-bit version and the 64-bit version here. There is also a simple way to know the version of your operating system. 1. Once you have defined your operating system and downloaded the free CRM, you must open the […]

Installing free CRM on Apple MacOS

1. When installing free CRM on Apple MacOS, it is very important to allow access to files and folders so that the program can save data. Please note that we recommend using Apple MacOS version 10.10 and higher. 2. After downloading the free CRM distribution file, move it to the Application folder: 3. Then wait […]

How to download free CRM?

To install our CRM on your computer (or laptop) you need to first select the appropriate operating system (Windows or MacOS) and download the installer from this site. If you choose the free version of CRM, you will not have to pay anything now or in the future. Add the selected CRM to your cart, […]