What are data sets?

When you run the free CRM on your computer, on the left in the program you will see a place for the data sets. What is a dataset? Very simply it is a set of Contacts, Companies and Tasks grouped together. We have introduced the concept of a dataset so you can organize your work. For example, you have two different projects and each project has its own set of related data (Contacts, Tasks, etc.). To simplify navigation, simply create two different sets of data and name them according to your projects. In the example below, you can see that an employee has 2 sets: Set1 and Set2, each with its own data.

You can create as many data sets as you need to work. In our company, we use the sets to divide information between projects. This greatly simplifies the work and data search. Here is another example of the screen of our other employee (see below).

December 8, 2020  HOW TO WORK IN FREE CRM?
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