Why does my antivirus “swear” at your CRM?

Some antiviruses are very “disliked” when users download files with the extension .exe (executable file) from the Internet and try to prevent viruses from getting on your PC. We guarantee that if you download CRM distributions from our official website (for Russia https://offlinecrm.ru or from the English version of https://offlinecrm.com), there will be no computer viruses (Trojans, encryptors, etc.), because we check the files before each update. We are a member of Kaspersky AllowList and each CRM version is scanned independently for viruses.

On Microsoft Windows operating systems you can see the following warning. You can check the publisher (this is our legal entity) and allow the installation without fear. We don’t steal your data and don’t transfer the information you enter into CRM to anyone, because we value our reputation very much.

November 27, 2020  GENERAL INFORMATION
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