No software is free of issues, but such is life and we constantly fix any errors and improve the overall experience. Updates are completely free and usually posted monthly.

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Ver. 1.0.0 04.Sep.2021

  • Tags for easier information retrieval and filtering/sorting
  • Faster first launch of CRM
  • Increased speed of work with external SQL-database
  • Management of statuses on the “TRELLO” board

Ver. 0.28.00 09.Aug.2021

  • Added ability to connect to a remote database for teamwork
  • Added editable statuses for tasks (cases)
  • Added editable types of tasks (cases), companies, contacts
  • Added ability to copy an image to a description or text of a note
  • Added ability to quickly switch between databases
  • Added schedules to display actual state of tasks (cases)
  • Added ability to collapse sidebar of sets
  • Fixed localization issues
  • Fixed errors of saving new contacts if no data set was selected
  • Fixed errors and optimization

Ver. 0.26.00 19.Aug.2021

  • Fixed a bug in creating a company or contact if no set was selected
  • Added the ability to switch the interface language

Version 0.25.00 01.Nov.2020

  • Added global full-text search
  • Fixed date saving bug
  • Automated auto-update
  • Redesigned to-do list