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Who may get access to my CRM data?

No one except you. You can either store databases locally on your computer or on a private SQL server for team collaboration. Our CRM does not collect or share any of your commercial information. Your data is only in your hands. 

By downloading our free and offline CRM, you might have indicated your email. Our team can see it and it’s stored on servers in the EU and USA due to local laws on personal data. We do not possess any other information on you.

entirely anonymous analytical data to understand how users utilize our software. Any cloud-based CRM does that as well. It does help improve the experience. We examine which features are most frequently used and where improvements are needed. Again, we put stress on this: we collect 100% anonymous data, depersonalized information with which no one can be identified. For example, when you create a new contact, we will get a data recorder as: 

"b0d4ce5d-2757-4699-948c-cfa72ba94f86" (application ID, a random number)
12.02.2021 11:23 (date, time)
192.168.2.--- (IP-address)

That’s it. As you may see, no data would suggest who you are or your exact location (the IP is registered without the last 3 digits). We will save your CRM data, as we do not have access to it.

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OfflineCRM is entirely free. There are no limitations to its functionality. Even Collaboration Mode comes at no cost, regardless of the number of users. Advertising allows us to earn funds for development without limiting our user base. We also plan to integrate some paid features, but that will not interfere with our goal of making a great CRM for everyone.


You can always update or delete your personal information on our sites. If at any time you would like us to delete or change any of your personal information, please feel free to contact us.

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Contact us. We will answer all of your questions and will try to assure you of our honesty regarding all matters.

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