Russia, St. Petersburg, 8 Zaozernaya St., office 212, Technopark “ZAOZERNY”. We work on weekdays from 9.00 to 20.00, weekends we rest 🙂

Frequently asked Questions

Please read the questions below, and if you have not found the answer – send us a message!

How to contact you?

Our team is located in St. Petersburg, Russia. You can always send us an e-mail or call us by phone. Our address and contact details: Russia 196084 , Saint-Petersburg, Zaozernaya street, building 8, building 2, Litera A, office 212, Technopark “ZAOZERNY”, +7 (495) 215-53-16+7 (812) 748-20-96,


Are you hackers?

No, we are a small development team that wants to make a great product for the world. We will not steal your data and we do not interfere with the results of the presidential elections 🙂

I would like to talk to the boss...!

Our CEO – Maxim Kulgin – often “hangs” on Facebook and you can just write to him there … or call the office and ask him personally. Or write a letter to him.

We can offer you our services!

We do not promise that we will use the offers – but we can always write to

What are you doing besides offlineCRM?

Our “parent” company has been engaged in (already 8 years) software development. More information can be found on the ABOUT page.

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