Please, familiarize yourself with our principles. You might doubt us, but we assure you that offlineCRM is a long-term serious project and isn’t a fragile ambition.

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Principles we follow while securing your digital safety

We proactively monitor production environments to identify and resolve any vulnerabilities that could compromise data security. We may work with independent third parties who perform vulnerability assessments against the infrastructure, platform, and applications that make up our product portfolio.

  1. No commercial information of yours is ever given to third parties. Moreover, we do not have any access to your CRM, as it will only be kept on your system, or encrypted on your server.

  2. Your privacy is our priority, regardless; as we value your trust above all. We respect your right to manage your data and our main goal is to prohibit any unwanted access. We only collect information aimed to improve your experience: we will not ask for anything we don’t need.

  3. External threats are just as important to us, we strive to protect you by constantly improving our software and sharing tips on digital ecosystems. Your life online is none of anyone’s business. 

  4. No viruses, backdoors, etc. We do not integrate malware into our free and offline CRM software. In case authorities would need your information, we would only cooperate with a subpoena from a Court (and if you encrypt your data, we won’t be able to do anything). Furthermore, if you keep all the files locally on your PC, we can’t access them.

  5. We only work with trusted service providers. In some cases, we must utilize external solutions to improve, for which we meticulously pick out the best partners that share our passion for privacy. We only share the necessary data with said partners.

  6. We are nice guys. Usually, great software is made by great people. We at offlineCRM respect honesty and decency as our core values. We think that the free Internet is there to make our lives better, so we only support digital freedom and privacy.

  7. Transparency of our actions — we are open and honest. We do not steal data or keep anything a secret from you, healthy communication is what we want to establish.

  8. Only anonymous statistics of offlineCRM users are collected. We do that to understand how our software is used. Without such knowledge, there cannot be an improvement. And with no improvement, it will not be useful for you. What data do we get? Here:

    1. Application ID: “22345200-abe8-4f60-90c8-0d43c5f6c0f6” — a similar unique sequence is given to each CRM upon installation. Just some letters and numbers.

    2. IP-address: 185.44.165.*** — is the address of your computer, there can be hundreds of devices with the same address on home networks. Additionally, we do not keep the last three digits of your IP, making it impossible to track you.

    3. Region: Using IP we determine (with some degree of error) your city and country. It allows for better ad testing. Yes, no one likes ads, but how else do we fund a free project.

    4. Sections: During your work, we collect event information, such as “task created” or “contacts opened”. We only register the action and not the content. Why? To know which sections are used the most and which are less required. This data allows us to understand where improvements are necessary!

    5. Date and time: for each event, we record the date and time. Simple calculations allow us to determine spent time in various sections, helping to come up with functional or interface improvements.

    6. Ad interaction: As we offer some unobtrusive advertisements within the CRM, we have to know whether you interacted with it (clicked), and if so — how many times.

  9. We will never use offlineCRM to track you, we understand concerns on secretive data collection, so we always share on this website what data we collect.


A small team is working on the CRM


We did not raise investments. It’s been a few years of developing offlineCRM and we still believe it’s only the beginning. Only 4 people are developing the project: designer, tester, programmer, project manager. Do not expect miracles, but we confidently promise you to put all the effort into a great product.



Our servers are located in Europe (a French data center). We keep any data you could have indicated during CRM downloading process there. We follow all GDPR recommendations. Again, your CRM data is only stored locally on your computer and we do not have access.



we don’t lie


we constantly develop


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How to reach out?

Legal address: Serbia, 11070, Belgrade, Juria Gagarina 231, lokal 7

Email:, Phone: +7 821 748-2096