Below are frequently asked questions on our free CRM and honest answers.

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Who is your CRM for?
Initially, it was developed for the self-employed. In other words, for those who do not have large corporate systems and work alone or in small teams, we do not plan to take over the teamwork market (though our CRM provides great collaborative capabilities for free). If you feel like upgrading from Excel, you’re at the right place.
Why is this CRM free?

The CRM is entirely autonomous and requires no work from our side: you install and operate it on your own. Thus, we decided to spread the product to a broad user base, while only some will require and purchase more niche and advanced tools. Alternatively, we plan to earn income with advertising. That way or another, the CRM is entirely free with no limitations. Advanced new features may be introduced in the future, however, we do not have a strict plan for monetization except ads.

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What’s the trick behind the CRM?

There is no trick, no strings attached either. Download the free CRM and work. We are only glad if you find the free version useful.

Won’t you steal my data?

We do not steal your data to sell and do not seed viruses. The CRM has no access to your data, so it cannot share anything but anonymous analytics and whether there is an update available (updates are downloaded through Amazon S3 or Hertz, with each startup). It also may load advertising from our servers.

You can check the transmitted CRM traffic yourself easily. Our principles are never to track you or your private data. For advertisement purposes, we might collect harmless anonymous data that does not contain any sensitive information.

You must have really limited the free version!

Nope!🙂 The free CRM has anything you might need with no limitations, we do not even have a paid one!

How do I launch your CRM under my brand?

We offer a white-label CRM version for businesses wanting to provide customers solutions within their ecosystem. Why? Some large companies try to keep loyal customers close by providing more capabilities. We can change the CRM’s visuals, add required features for you to use with your clients under your brand, leaving all the development and support to us.

I need teamwork features!

We got you already! We ourselves use the CRM with a small team. Each user has to install it and connect to an SQL server that can be connected anywhere. Ask your sysadmin to help with that. We have detailed guides with each step written out. All free, no limitations.

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Could you develop and integrate the features I need?

We cannot promise to develop specifically for your desires, but we will definitely consider all suggestions for future updates. Contact us and we will certainly reply.

Are you making a mobile apps?

We are, however, it takes time with a small team and no external investments, so it is coming off slowly.

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What platforms are supported?

Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS are available at the moment. A Unix version is in the plans.

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No viruses?

Nope, and there won’t be. Just make sure to download from our official website.

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free crm tech stack

The tech stack is a combination of programming languages, frameworks, and tools that developers use to build a web or mobile app.

The MIT license gives users express permission to reuse code for any purpose, sometimes even if code is part of proprietary software. As long as users include the original copy of the MIT license in their distribution, they can make any changes or modifications to the code to suit their own needs.

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Free CRM for Windows and Apple MacOS

Free CRM for MS Windows


Free CRM for Microsoft Windows (64-bit). Download the CRM and install it. To get notifications on new updates, install through SHOPPING CART or use QUICK DOWNLOAD.


Free CRM for MacOS (10.10 and above, macOS 10.13 High Sierra is recommended). Download the CRM and install it. To get notifications on new updates, install through SHOPPING CART or use QUICK DOWNLOAD.

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