Should I place my ads on your CRM?

“Banner Blindness” was recently coined as a term, meaning that in the abundance of advertising people stop paying attention. We only integrate pretty banners in tune with the interface that would deliver the information without annoying the user.

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Why work with us?

Below are the reasons, due to which your ads will effectively work:

Who is the CRM audience?

Honestly, it’s diversified. The product is for anyone who wants to organize their job and work efficiently. Usually, it’s successful people with stable incomes.

Self-employed Professionals

Doctors, Real Estate Agents, Construction Companies and etc. — all these people use our CRM to account their affairs.

Designers, programmers, web-designers and many more. We ourselves use our CRM to improve it!

CRM supports team collaboration. Self-employed clients and their colleagues work together on the documents and tasks.

Magic in the Numbers

Daily dozens (up to hundreds) of people download and use our free CRM on Windows and macOS. We do not collect personal data but can share common metrics.


CRM is worked on daily to keep track of business affairs, especially by self-employed.

85 minutes

That much time, generally, each user spends using offlineCRM daily.


Actions (events) on average are performed by users within a day. Creating a contact and such actions count as events.

Not sure of returns?

What’s so different in our approach?

People are working in the free CRM, trusting it with valuable tasks and client data. Your advertising will not be yet another undermined background ad.

We create really beautiful visuals for all our advertisers, making sure they are satisfied with it. We will write interesting advertising texts together with you.

We collect analytics of users’ work in the free CRM and their interaction with your ads. You can show promotional videos inside the CRM.

Need targeting?

Advertisement is loaded from our servers, making it very flexible to be set up with your required parameters.

Frequency of shows

We may regulate the frequency of your ads being shown in a period of CRM’s use.


We may target advertising using the user’s region. For example, we can show ads to all users in London.

Show duration

Our tools allow indicating the duration of your advertisement being shown before it’s changed by another one.


We do not track our users but do analyze all interactions with your advertising.

What do clients think?

Obviously, we do get criticism from time to time. Bugs may occur, some require niche features. But above all, our users utilize the CRM daily and praise it.

Interface, simple installation, design, cloud-based work with Dropbox


Easy and intuitive

I can work offline now

Plain design, need to adapt first, but it doesn’t take much time


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