Our plans

We are working hard daily on improving our CRM and have decided to openly publish our development plans. We do not specify release dates for new features as we sometimes run behind schedule; our goal is to release updates twice a month.

download crm feauters changelog

Corporate Version 👬🏻

Corporate CRM is finally in the making: it is a great option for small teams, as we provide a secure PostgreSQL database with access for all team members.

Custom fields 📑

Custom fields (for companies, contacts, etc.) are often requested by users, as they add to CRM’s flexibility. Additional fields for clients (for example, “Names of family members”), editable task completion statuses, and many more.

Sales Funnel and Trello 🧾

Both are powerful visualization tools that update themselves whenever you change something in your database.

Other handy integrations 🎩

Wouldn’t it be neat to link your Skype or other services to your CRM? Well, we think so, and that’s what we will implement!

Data encryption 👓

Even stored locally, you may accidentally leak some of your data, allowing competitors to spy on you. We are working hard to introduce data encryption using the AES 256 algorithm to both offline databases and the corporate server version.

Mobile Apps 📱

We are going to publish mobile applications for both iOS and Android-based devices, which will make it possible for you to work from your phone.

Password manager 🧾

We do not plan to compete with professional password managers. However, would it not be nice if you could keep all your data in one place securely?

Сhats and video-calls 📑

Chats and video calls are very ambitious for us, but we do believe they would be very useful. This is especially for small teams or those working from home.

Ads in the CRM 👁

CRM has to remain free, so to develop it constantly, we need a means of monetization. Thank you for your understanding!


Documents storage 🗃

Currently, you can keep contacts, companies, and tasks in the CRM. We do not want it to end there. Files attached to your entries would be great, making it really easy to share everything within one database.

Notes 📒

Plain and simple. Quick notes you can always look up.

Bulletin Boards 🤠

Public Bulletin Boards that would allow our user base to interact. Tell everyone about your business and find new clients!

Global Web Searches 🔎

You can already look up anything in the CRM, but what if you could also search on the Internet with Google/Bing? Just type in whatever you need and search with no limitations!

CRM for Unix 💻

The Apple macOS and Windows versions are already available, but we want to add the OS Unix CRM-version (not the biggest demand, but certainly useful for some folks).


Your data is the most important asset within the CRM system. We are looking into backing up your data on the cloud, as in Amazon S3. Keep a few backups simultaneously to grant maximum safety. 

Remote desktop

Loads of people work from home these days. We want to make it possible to access data from a distance with no servers or other complications required.

Website Information

When you add a company to the CRM, we can collect all the available contact data from their website instantly. phone numbers, emails, and media links. Is that not useful?