Only you have access to the data within the CRM 🔐

Safety of your data

Data is one of your business’s most critical assets, which is why we treat it with the utmost care. Through security- and privacy-by-design development processes, we ensure our software aligns with the latest data protection and privacy laws around the world, such as GDPR.

Does an entirely free CRM seem suspicious? Well, check that out…


What would we never do?

  • We do not secretly collect your personal data.

  • We do not integrate malware, viruses, or backdoors.

  • We do not have access to your data in the CRM, so we will not ever distribute it.

  • Each new CRM update is thoroughly analyzed by Kaspersky to prove the absence of viruses.

still, have a question?

Why is it free?

We have integrated advertising into the CRM. It does not randomly pop up or use up important space. We have designed it to look decent and to blend in with the interface.

Ads don’t have to be annoying


We understand that ads might interfere with work, so we put maximum effort into making it low-key and decent. Also, we only show you ads that are useful, and our designer makes banners for each one.

Why ads?

We have been developing a free CRM for a couple of years now, and it takes a lot of resources. On the other hand, we want to keep our project free for everyone. Advertising is one of the best ways for us to maintain that.

our contacts


    What information do we have?

    Bare minimum!

    Let us honestly share what information we keep and how we collect it!

    Improving our CRM and fixing its issues requires information on the user’s experience. Advertisers also require data on user interest and general location.

    What data do we collect?

    CRM ID

    “22345200-abe8-4f60-90c8-0d43c5f6c0f6” — a code as such is given to each installed copy.

    IP – address

    185.44.165.*** – is your computer’s IP address. There can be hundreds of devices on one IP address.


    Using your IP – address we roughly determine your city and country (for example – London).


    We track which features you put to use with no access to your data. For example, you have opened contacts, created a task, etc. We see only the event and not the data inside.


    For each event we record time and date. That way we determine what do users use the most, meaning that less used options need some work.

    Ads interactions

    As we place ads in the CRM, we need to know whether you have clicked on it and how many times.

    “We do not collect and will never collect personal data within the CRM.”

    — offlineCRM dev team

    Not sure if you can trust us?

    We incorporate leading security technologies and modern open standards to provide users with the confidence that their data is secure. For our on-premise products, which are client-managed, we do not receive the content that the customer puts into the CRM software. 

    Here’s a message from us… 

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