What is synchronization for? Imagine you are working with a CRM on your home PC. But, for instance, you may need to get access to some data on your office laptop! How can it be implemented? The easiest way is to copy the database file to a cloud service (for example, DropBox or iCloud). Now you can work with the same data set from any device: all your Companies, Contacts and Tasks are stored in one and the same file with a .db extension (and there can be lots of such files). Copy the file to the cloud, get access to it in the CRM and that’s it!

Look at the example below. It was made by our CRM developer who also uses this system. He copied his database (offlinecrm.db file) to the Dropbox cloud storage, and then connected to it from different computers. In this case Dropbox is the one who responsible for synchronizing files between a local computer and the cloud storage.