Who is your CRM designed for?

We originally developed our CRM (paid and free versions) for self-employed people. In other words, for those users who work for themselves (such as freelancers, very small business, etc.). We do not have a goal to compete with cloud-based solutions, focused on teamwork (although our system has the ability to share data). If you run your business in Excel, then welcome to our CRM!

Why is this CRM free?

CRM is completely autonomous and does not require our servers, administration, etc., you download and install it yourself on your PC (laptop). We thought that it would be better if there are more users and some of them want to get additional functionality for money (not at all, we note).

In other words, we want to make a mass product, counting on the fact that some people will want to get advanced features and buy the paid version.

Where is the trick in free CRM?

There is no trick or “small print”. And it won’t. Download the free version of CRM and get started. If the free version is useful for you (or your small business), we will only be glad. And if you decide that you need additional functions that are in the paid version of the program, we will be just happy 🙂 because we need to maintain a staff of developers, designers, testers, etc.

Will you steal my data?

We do not steal your data in order to sell it, do not “plant” viruses, etc. our CRM does not transmit anything to the Internet without your knowledge … or rather, it does not transmit anything at all, except for checking the license (for the paid version) and checking for updates (updates are downloaded from the Amazon S3 service, the check occurs at every launch).

You can easily check the traffic that your PC is transmitting with CRM installed. Our principled position is to never monitor you at all, not have access to your data, etc.

If it's free - why are there paid versions?

Friends, our CRM is free and you can download and work as much as you want. But we also want to make money and offer (optional) to buy a version of the program with advanced functionality that will allow you to work more efficiently! It seems that this is an absolutely honest position 🙂

Of course, you have severely limited the free version!

This is not so 🙂 – there are literally a few functions in free CRM that are needed for more professional work. Agree that if you want to work more effectively with your clients, the stated price should not be intimidating.

So, in the free version, is it constantly old functionality or what?

No. We are also updating the free version (fixing bugs, adding features), but it may take a long time before all the features of the paid functionality are transferred to the free version.

How to run your CRM but under my brand?

We offer the so-called. white lable version of our free CRM for businesses that want to offer their customers a solution under their own brand (logo, colors, etc.). What for? Many large companies try to get closer to their loyal customers, provide them with more opportunities to keep them as much as possible. If this is relevant for you, we will take our CRM, change the visual presentation (to match the colors of your brand), add new functionality (if relevant) and you will be able to offer your customers CRM but already under your brand, leaving us all development and support issues.

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Microsoft Windows

Free CRM for MS Windows


Free CRM, version for Microsoft Windows (64-bit). To get started, download CRM to your computer and run the installer.


Free CRM, version for Apple Mac operating system (10.10 and higher, we recommend MacOS 10.13 High Sierra). To get started, download CRM to your Apple computer and start working.